HF foundation is a family owned foundation supporting social causes for the advancement of societies. No unsolicited grants proposals are accepted.

For inquires contact: [email protected]

We Support

National security

The HF Foundation supports National Security research, projects and academic study in historical, contemporary and with an over-the-horizon perspective. The HF Foundation supports the Deutsche Asien Stiftung and other research entities.


The HF Foundation supports research and programs to deracialize communities at risk, engage with media and new media researchers and actors, supports research into the role of …


The HF Foundation supports research for Autism, speech impairment, child development and Down Syndrome spectrum. The HF Foundation supports Josh Station focusing on Down Syndrome and Autism…

Quality Of Life

The HF Foundation supports research and businesses able to prove to improve the quality of life with tangible technologies, research, medication and/or services to improve the quality of water…


The HF Foundation supports educational programs such as Hasselnuss. Early reading, book  donations, and programs to advance education in remote communities are some of the programs we engage.


The HF Foundation supports young academics starting their careers in the research field and academia. We support selective academic research organizations supporting national security, deradicalization programs, health and education.


The HF Foundation supports innovators which focus on providing tangible outcomes to improving quality of life and find solutions to the increasing global health crisis in the developing world. The HF Foundation with its small grant program supports the innovators to find solutions for the tomorrow.


The HF Foundation supports technology developments. The small grant program is designed serving as an technology incubator.


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